Alternative Natural Medication

Ailment, Allopathy and Alternative Natural Medication

The word ‘disease’ implies that our body is not at ‘ease’. The diseased condition, ‘I’m not feeling healthy enough’, is an indicator that some ailment has struck our body.

“Health is the natural state of the body. Disease is a condition we must mitigate.”

Ailments can occur due to weakening/malfunctioning of a bodily system/organ, as a result of internal reasons like general health conditions of an individual, nutritional deficiency, low immunity against diseases, lifestyle habits we build and live with, personal hygiene, etc. or due to the entry of an ‘alien element’ like infectious bacteria/virus or other harmful pollutants entering our body through channels like food, air and water, basically from sources external to us like sanitation of the living environment, pollution levels in the surrounding, seasonal changes, other infected humans/beings, etc.

Most times we will be able to sense if we are unwell, as the body keeps signalling symptoms to alert us. But, unfortunately we cast our attention only when the symptoms become painful or alarming. Ignoring them or delaying any medical attention at this stage only worsens the health. Being healthy is the natural state of the body. Disease is a condition we must mitigate.

Now, how can we mitigate a disease condition? Most of us have this question – what medication we should opt for – Allopathy or Alternative Natural Medication? We are sharing with you here some fundamental differences, which may help you make your choice.

When the disease condition does not require a surgery, Allopathy first attempts to stop aggravation of the symptoms, then targets disease causing bacteria/virus and tries to supply what the body lacks (fluids, enzymes, hormones, etc.). Basically it works on the symptoms and disease condition.

Natural systems of medicine on the other hand take a ‘broader approach’. They try to revive the normal functioning of the ‘system/organ concerned’ to curb the disease condition. They too address disease conditions, but their focus is largely on strengthening the internal system of the body to fight out the disease, trigger or tame production/secretion of vital fluids/hormones – the loss or excess secretion of which might have resulted in the disease condition.

There are many debatable differences between the two systems of medicine, but one major difference between them is, ‘Allopathy takes cure in its own hands’, while ‘Natural Medicinal Systems prepare the body to seek its own cure’. That makes a gamut of difference.

Allopathy comes handy in times of emergency. But it also makes one increasingly dependent on medicines. Their prolonged consumption may result in a host of side effects. Whereas, natural medicines strengthen organs, systems and immunity to provide sustained wellness. And although they take a natural course of time to provide cure their prolonged consumption may cause less or no harm to the body depending upon their strength, dosage and compatibility with the patient to whom they are administered.

Now, when we have to seek cure we have to make our own discretion to what medication we must opt for, when and how much. Before we seek medication or at least after we begin, we should educate ourselves about the ailment, different types of cure available and their pros and cons. One general rule that helps is: “If the symptoms are acute, opt for allopathy for immediate relief, but follow it up with Alternative Natural Medication for sustained cure and prolonged remedy.”

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