Herbal Medicine for Allergies

Allergies – A Hypersensitive Expression of Our Immune System

Allergy is an abnormal or unusual response to substances by the human body. The immune system treats the substances as an invader and over reacts causing symptoms that may only be irritating or they can end up being very harmful and life- threatening.

Allergy is a very common and hectic problem spreading among us nowadays. This is sometimes known as a visible and invisible disease, but whatever it maybe it can’t be tolerable to some extent. Visible allergy like itching, burning, hives, rashes, eczema, swollen eyes, etc., all these will directly visible on your skin. Invisible allergy like asthma, dust allergies, throat attack, sudden fever, etc. This allergic reaction mostly caused by substances present in the air and the food we intake. For this, we have to keep our home and surroundings clean and eat healthy food.

Three main segments of allergy:

Food Allergies

Food allergies mostly affect the kids and then the adults. The immune system keeps you healthy by fighting off infection and other dangers to good health. The food allergy reactions occur when your immune system over reacts to a food or a substances in a food. Symptoms of food allergy ranges from mild to severe. Certain combination of food items does not match and if you intake that for long time then it will end up with severe allergies.

Curd and fish

Milk and fish

Curd and crunches


Horse gram and curd  

These are some of the wrong combination of food habits which is highly not appreciable. And some of the junk foods and unhygienic foods also caused to food allergies

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies come in certain seasons, where the allergic person must be more precaution during those seasons.  Seasonal allergies show the symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itching throats, bloodshot eyes. Skin dryness is another important symptom in the dry season which will direct to severe allergies.  To be safe during these seasonal allergies, try to avoid outing in untimed, bath twice a day and clean your hands, legs, and face and try to be hydrated with warm water.

Severe Allergies

The name severe itself makes you sense how dangerous is this allergy. Severe allergies include asthma, nausea, and vomiting, diarrhea, tightness in the lungs, swelling in the throat, psoriasis, etc. all these allergies which harm the person mentally and physically. These types of allergies must be recovered at the starting stage otherwise it will be quite difficult to treat. For all these allergies it might be good if we go through organic medicine.

Herbal Medicines & Healthy Life

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is Sometimes also a matter of opportunity”

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