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For long now, Aathithya Herbals’ has been offering a wide range of Organic food supplements and Herbal Food Supplement products. From the year 2012, all of our organic food supplements have had a unique place in the market. We had customers flooding in from various parts of the country after having known the medicinal benefits of our products. All of our products are Real & Natural and this enables us to stand out from the rest. Our promise to offer Organic Food Supplements that are “Real, Herbal, and Natural” has earned us a remarkable position in the dietary supplements market.  And the significant reason for this being the trust that our valued customers have on us. And never did we let them down!


Biozen is one of our most loved & trusted organic health drinks with a unique combination of diverse natural ingredients to help you stay fit. Categorised under the best organic food supplements, Biozen acts as a Natural health drink & strengthens the immune system.

Biozen - High Efficacy

This unique ayurvedic health drink is nothing but a natural food supplement to treat your blood pressure levels. Made from the finest herbs & natural ingredients, Biozen High Efficacy is more likely considered as an herbal food supplement to reduce cholesterol.

Biozen Plus High Efficiency

This is one of the most preferred herbal health drinks on the low glycemic index. A truly organic health drink with no added preservatives or additional flavours makes this a side-effect-free food supplement that’s 100% organic and Natural. A single drop could make a huge difference.

Biozen Pluss

Being an upgraded version of the Biozen health drink, the Biozen pluss is a natural food supplement that is catered in the form of herbal health drinks. This is considered to be the best natural, anti-inflammatory supplement & liver detoxifier. It contains humongous health benefits that could rejuvenate the human body.


Authentic iron supplements in the form of a herbal health drink is what we offer through Hbzen. Considered as a natural food supplement for anemia, Hbzen significantly helps in increasing the hemoglobin level & blood count if taken regularly. Purely made out of natural ingredients and without the inclusion of any preservatives.


Pulmozen is a pure herbal food supplement that could treat common cough and cold in a very effective manner. Primarily being a vitamin c supplement, this herbal health drink is 100% safe and healthy to consume. Free from added preservatives, hence eradicates the chances of any side-effects.


The name says it all for this vital Multigrain food supplement that’s prescribed for all age groups. Vitalzen is a healthy & tasty food supplement that is strongly recommended for kids. Besides being a dietary food supplement, this also helps in weight-loss and acts as an immunity booster.

Vitalzen Plus

A completely balanced food supplement that is rich in millets, pulses, grains, and nuts. Filled with organic ingredients, Vitalzen Pluss is a protein-rich health drink that is healthy and tasty. Otherwise known as the typical “sathu maavu” or health mix that is rich in millets.

With unique compositions, every product differs from the other in terms of ingredients, benefits, and dosages. Each product has its own set of health benefits and natural methods of curing that helps in rejuvenating your body. All of our products are free from any preservatives or artificial flavours, sweeteners, making them 100% natural and organic. 


So, aren’t you excited about trying our wide array of herbal food supplements?

Visit us at https://www.biozenonline.com/ and order your favourite herbal health drinks online. You can also contact us at (91 9585515051).

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