Biozen – 200ML


INDICATION : CHOLESTEROL ( கொழுப்பு ) , HEART BLOCK ( இருதய அடைப்பு )

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Heart matters and that is the heart of the matter. The matters of the heart is all that matters for humanity to live harmoniously . A hearty heart is the life breath of man and it is the life dream of each and every individual to  live that quality life . The question arises how , and the immediate answer is at a hand’s distance . Aathithya Herbal’s prime product BIOZEN is here to infuse fresh energy and easy rhythmic blood flow making the heart sing joyous tunes . The noble vision and mission of Aathithya Herbal’s is to serve society at all levels and give a new lease of life to humanity.

Biozen, Biozen Pluss , Biozen High Efficacy and Biozen Pluss High Efficacy are the wonder cures at your doorstep. The organic preparation uses our ancient queenly herbs like lemon , ginger , garlic and Honey in their right proportion , following the most suitable purification process to produce herbal  medicinal syrup with different concentration levels for each of the products mentioned.

Biozen range of herbal food supplements with different grades of  efficacy levels

can be administered as a safe remedy for ailments from the ordinary to the very severe ones .

Prevention is better than cure , so goes the famous saying. The range of Aathithya Herbal’s Biozen products offers this preventive measure . Also very highly efficacious  Biozen herbal food supplements too are in the line not only to prevent but to give a miracle cure to serious health hazards. Manufactured with a broad , noble vision by Aathithya herbal’s the range of Biozen products could be your ultimate destination for a hale and hearty life .


In the humdrum of modern life, stress has become an integral part of every day life with age no bar . Irregular food habits adds to this woe . This in turn impacts healthy life. Biozen comes as a great relief for general well being . Common complaints like Gastric disorders , constipation , indigestion , hypertension, cholesterol  finds a remedy through the use of Aathithya Herbal’s excellent food supplement BIOZEN. The time tested traditional herbs in the concoction revitalises the immune system and corrects imbalances of the body .


Sunthi, Lasuna, Nimbu, Kaadi, Mathu

Product Descripation :

BIOZEN is a major Ayurvedic remedy for high
cholesterol. By restoring cholesterol levels , Biozen
serves as a natural cure for all heart ailments.

Consumption Method :

Mix 5-10 ml Biozen with 100 ml of warm water and
take twice daily or as prescribed by physician.

For better results: Take oil bath once or twice a week.

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Additional information

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