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INDICATION : DIABETIC ( நீரிழிவு நோய் )

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DDiazen is an exceptional food supplement, a singular curative syrup for the treatment of diabetes .
The time tested Indian herbs and medicinal plants used in a unique combination helps to balance the blood sugar level in a most remarkable way .
The medicinal ingredients used in the preparation of this therapeutic syrup is testimony for its healing powers .
The citrus fruit rich in multiple nutrients has been celebrated since ancient times . Ginger and Garlic the most versatile medicinal plants with high nutritional and medicinal value has a definite healing physiological action on the human body . The antioxidants , anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of Curcumin and Amla with its beneficial plant compounds improves blood sugar control . It is also highly effective in stalling degenerative processes and promotes longevity . The Holy Basil or Tulsi is known as the most incomparable sacred plant with a storehouse of health benefits. Scientific research has proved its potent rejuvenation quality and ancient knowledge of this Sanjeevini Herb provides solutions to modern health issues .
These powerful , unique ingredients used in this special syrup , prepared with great sanctity renders DDiazen as a highly probable solution for the cure of Diabetes.

Ingredients :

Mesasrngi, Sveta Sandan, Sunthi, Guduchi, Pippali, Udumbara, Usira,
Kumari, Musta, Amalaki, Daruharida, Ela, Water, Excipients.

Consumption Method :

5 – 10 ml twice daily or as advised by the physician.

For better results: Take oil bath once or twice a week.

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Additional information

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