Pulmozen syrup- 200ML



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Pulmozen Syrup
Pulmozen Syrup with its myriad therapeutic value prepared from the popular medicinal herbs like Lemon , Ginger, Garlic and the divine Tulsi or Holy Basil along with honey is an ideal remedy for all types of coughs and colds .
Cold and cough are words we hear very often in our day to day life . It is no stranger to human life for it is a condition common to all with age no bar . From infant stage to ripe old age this ailment visits all individuals in different dimensions ranging from irritation, sneezing
breathlessness, sore throat , productive and non productive cough to severe respiratory problems .
Pulmozen Syrup helps to bring the sputum out and very effectively reduces the Eosinophils count and dilates the bronchioles in Asthmatic conditions . Its effectiveness can be found both in productive and unproductive coughs thus proving to be an all in all cure . Heavy pollution , unhealthy food habits , changing climatic conditions has made easy and happy breathing almost a dream in the modern era . The answer to your active , energetic, stress free , breezy breath lies in Pulmozen , the marvel Herbal Syrup.

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