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mukkara / Ashwagandha / Withania Somnifera  is an amazing herbal plant used in the Indian Traditional Medicine System , for over a millennium . 

    Ancient medical practitioners have utilised herbs , plants and minerals to develop formulations as rasayanas, tonics and medicines to improve strength, boost immunity and treat disorders naturally . One such powerful herb is Amukkara , known by botanists as Withania Somnifera, commonly known as Ashwagandha and Indian gensing .

    ‘Ashwa ‘in Sanskrit,literally means horse, ‘gandha’ means smell , and so Ashwagandha or Amukkara herb justifies its name as it has been known to provide man with a strength and vigour like that of a horse.The scientific name Withania Somnifera means sleep inducing in Latin.      

   Amukkara  has a rich history due to its healing properties , rejuvenating and strength providing effects . 

 As a healing agent in the treatment of Gastritis , Gonorrhoea, Bronchial Asthma, Dyspnoea , Severe itching , Anaemia, Splenomegaly , Burning sensation of body and Peripheral Neuritis, Amukkara Curnam has also the following health benefits. 

Health Benefits: 

1. Anti anxiety and performance booster. 

       •increases  stamina and endurance. 

       •helps body respond appropriately to 

        acute and chronic stress. 

       •reduces sleeplessness 

       •calming effects

       •enhances mental faculties by       

         improving the function of brain and 

         nervous system. 

2. Anti inflammatory and anti arthritic properties. 

         •ideal for use in rheumatoid and 

           osteoarthritis . 

   3.  Improves body’s defence mechanism

        by enhancing cell mediated immunity. 

    4. Believed to improve the function of  

        the reproductive system. 

    5. Can be applied on burns and wounds 

    6. Promotes the production of natural 

        skin oils and essential proteins which  

        hydrates the skin and keeps it supple 

        and strong . 

     7. As a hair care , Amukkara  is 

         believed to increase blood flow and 

         improves scalp circulation which  

         strengthens roots and stimulates hair 


  Recent studies and researches  on the health benefits of Amukkara herb has shown significant results and this powerful tonic herb could become an alternate source for treatment and cure for various illnesses and diseases.

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