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INDICATION : HEALTH MIX ( சத்து மாவு )

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Vitalzen Pluss fills your nutritional gap by providing Proteins, Amino Acids, Dietary fibres, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Calcium, Iron and other minerals that you require in addition to your regular food. It helps strengthen body’s organic immunity, invigorate innate functioning of all organs, restore sustained energy levels and rebuild all round health and removes constipation.

Wheat, Red Rice, Kodo Millet, Little Millet, Foxtail Millet , Finger Millet, Pearl Millet, Barnyard Millet, Sorghum, Green Gram, Split Green Gram, Split Bengal Gram , Chickpea, Green Peas, Peanut, Soya, Almonds, Cashew, Cardamom, Horse Gram and Roasted Gram.

Add 10-15 g of Vitalzen Pluss to 50 ml of water or milk. Stir well without lumps. Now add 150 ml of water or milk, sugar or salt as per taste. Bring it to boil and serve.

Health Mix
Ingredients :Wheat, Red rice, Kodo millet, Little millet, Foxtail
millet, Finger millet, Pearl millet, Barnyard millet, Sorghum,
Green gram, Split green gram, Split bengal gram, Chickpea,
Green peas, Peanut, Soya, Almonds, Cashew,
Cardamom,Horse gram and Roasted gram.
Feast of Milets, Pulses & Nuts1) Strengthens growing bones.2)
Highly beneficial for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.3)
Combination of healthy dietary sources such as cereals, dry
fruits and pulses gives instant energy.4) Best food for weight
gain in babies.5) Helps to maintain blood sugar levels.6) Blood
sugar levels can help to prevent diabetic health complications.
Vitalzen Pluss Consumption Method :1) To prepare 200 ml of
vitalzen pluss drink, add 10 – 15 gms of vitalzen to 50 ml of
water or milk. Stir well without lumps.Now ad 150 ml water

or milk and sugar

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