Sesame oil 500ml

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Sesame oil 500ml

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Oils of different types produced in a natural way using a wooden press is known as Wood Pressed or Cold Pressed Oil. In Tamil it is popularly known as ‘ Mara Chekku Ennai ‘ The arrival of refined oil in the last few decades reduced the use of the wood pressed oil except in a few traditional villages. But in recent times Wood Pressed Oil has made a comeback,because of the adverse health caused by the usage of refined oil.

The traditional method of wood or cold pressed oil involves no external addition of heat. The oil seeds are crushed in the wooden axis and most of the heat generated is absorbed by the wooden axis itself. No external solvents are added during process and this helps the retention of molecular nature of the oil .

    Though the yield is less it is far more healthier. Pure wood / cold pressed oil is not refined , processed, or deoxidised . It is rich in antioxidants which boosts immunity. They retain all their flavour , aroma and nutritional value . Major nutrients extracted from these seed oils are usually zinc , magnesium, iron and calcium . Groundnut oil/ Peanut oil, Coconut oil and Sesame oil are some of the popular Wood pressed/ Cold Pressed oil used in our everyday life .

  Aathithya Herbal with a noble intention of   creating a healthy lifestyle provides you the benefit of using these popular wood / cold pressed oils .

Wood Pressed/ Cold Pressed Sesame oil

• Contains sesamol, and sesaminol  two antioxidants which may have powerful effects on health

• Has strong anti- inflammatory properties.

• Comprises of high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids which may aid in heart health.

• May support healthy blood sugar regulation.

• May improve symptoms of arthritis.

• May help heal wounds and burns.

• Good natural sunscreen , protects damage from UV rays .

• Compounds in this oil may increase hair shine and strength

• Delicious and healthy fat to add to your diet .

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